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Classycle Plugin for Eclipse

Release History

  • Release V1.1.2 from 04/05/2009.
    • Migration to Classycle Version 1.3.3
    • Added Option Merge inner classes with their outer class
    • PropertyPage optimizations
    • Bug-fix
    Thank you to Andreas Groll for is work on this release.
  • Fix Release V1.1.1 from 27/05/2005.
    Fix NullPointerException when reading old .classycle properties file that do not have the refelection pattern configured.
  • Release V1.1.0 from 26/05/2005.
    ClassyclePlugin use now the Version 1.1 of Classycle. The list below show the new functionalities contains in this release:
    • Reflection Pattern might be configurated in the ClassyclePlugin Properties
    • Layer Graph can be exported to jpeg
  • Fix Release V1.0.1 from 12/06/2004.
    Fix resource problem in case of long run.
  • Major Release V1.0.0 from 11/29/2004.
    The list below show all the new functionalities containes in this release:
    • The Classycle analyse can also be configurated and started from a simple resource project.
    • The Java Output Location can be excluded of the analyses from a checkbox in the Classycle Properties dialog.
    • Exclude Pattern now accept more posibilities like: *.test.* , *Result , All*Test
    • The Exclude Pattern can be now edited.
    • The Results of the Analyses can be exported to XML format. The Format of the XML file is the same as the one produced by Classycle. More Information about this format can be found on the Classycle Site.
  • Fix Release V0.9.1 from 11/23/2004.
    Fix the ClassCastException when opening the PropertyPage from another perspective as the JavaPerspective. (Thank you John)
  • Initial Release V0.9.0 from 11/15/2004.
    This Version is using Classycle Version 1.0