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Classycle Plugin for Eclipse


The Figure below show the configuration dialog of the ClassyclePlugin. This dialog is contained within the project properties.
The following parameters can be configurated for the Version 1.0.1
  • Include:
    Additional jars or directories can by included to the analyses. In case of directories, only the classes directly found within the selected directories are included in the analyse.
  • Exclude Pattern:
  • Exclude pattern are used to remove part of included resource from the analyses. Any kind of Wildcard pattern can be used. For example: *Test, *Test$* or *.All*Tests
  • Refecltion Pattern:
  • Fully-qualified class names which are referred in the class file by plain string constants. Only '*' is interpreted as wild-card character. This allows e.g. that a class with the following line of code has a reference to java.lang.Thread: Class clazz = Thread.class;
  • Include Build Output Location:
  • In case of a Java project, the build output location is by default included in the analyses. But this might be controled with the provided checkbox.
  • Merge Inner classes with its outer Class:
  • This attribute is by default set so that the inners classes are merge with its outer class.
ClassyclePlugin Properties